NBA Champs Set To Receive Commemorative Mouse Pads?

Perhaps one team ecstatic the end of the NBA lockout is near has to the Dallas Mavericks.

Had it not been for the lockout, by now the reigning NBA champions would have received their rings and witness a championship banner be hoisted to the rafters to commemorate their accomplishment.

It’s the pinnacle of an NBA player’s career to receive a championship ring so Mavs owner Mark Cuban might want to stop toying with his player’s emotions when it comes to their precious hardware.

See Cuban took to Twitter and joked about giving his players championship mouse pads.

“Almost there Mavs fans! Can’t wait to present solid gold commemorative mouse pads I got the guys!”

Very funny Cuban but the Mavs would rather you save your cash and invest in adding players to the roster to defend said title or perhaps add just one more diamond to the rings.

Then again this is the same Cuban who wanted to buck tradition and get his players championship bracelets. An idea quickly shot down by head coach Rick Carlisle and Dirk Nowitzki.

“It’s got to be rings. I don’t know what [Cuban’s] thinking. You win an NBA championship, you gotta have a ring. If he wants to give guys something else (in addition to) a ring, that’s great,” said Carlisle.

But then again, if Cuban does want to hand out gold-plated mouse pads in addition to the rings then that will be OK. Have you seen what an ounce of gold goes for nowadays?