NBA Players Beware, Lakers’ Bynum Learning To Box

As the NBA lockout continues, NBA players cannot contact team personnel including team trainers. Should this rule be violated, the NBA will have a $1 million fine waiting for the team and possibly more.

So with time on his hands during the lockout, Los Angeles Lakers’ Andrew Bynum has taken up boxing with legendary trainer Freddie Roach to keep fit during the summer and joked he was working on a career move.

However, let’s hope for Bynum’s sake he learns to control what he picks up in the ring.

Bynum has shown a tendency to take things a bit over the top on the court. And by “take things over the top,” I mean he has collapsed the lung and broke the ribs of Portland Trail Blazers’ Gerald Wallace sending him to the hospital, and more recently, he took time to introduce Dallas Mavericks’ J.J. Barea to his forearm sending Barea to the court hard during the 2011 playoffs.

So yeah, the last thing a known cheap-shot artist needs to learn is other ways to hurt others.

Keep it in check Bynum!