New Hope For Seattle

Seattle fans continue to fight to get their NBA team back. Several Sonics fans made the trip to Denver in the first round to let Oklahoma City and the world know and remember the Sonics’ plight. They are still fighting for recognition and notice in their campaign to have some team to call their own.

David Stern made clear though in the whole messy process of the Sonics leaving Seattle that the team was unsustainable in Key Arena and that Seattle needed a new arena. The city was unwilling to help build one and could not find the financing anywhere to construct and so we have the Oklahoma City Thunder.

There is no team in Seattle without a new stadium.

Maybe step one of Return of the Sonics is underway.

A Chicago businessman is in negotiations to build an arena in Seattle for a potential NHL or hockey team. That stadium would have the ability to convert to basketball. A small glimmer of hope for the people of Seattle.

The report does not say how far along Don Levin, the businessman from Chicago who owns the Chicago Wolves of the AHL and was in the running to buy the Cubs, is in negotiations to make this a reality. No site has been selected and no formal proposal has been put forward.

If he and his partners are willing to put up most, if not all, of the money for this arena venture then Seattle has new hopes of seeing the NBA’s return. Of course, they would need another team willing to move to make it so. And that is another ugly process for a city.

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