No Brooms Allowed In Dallas

The Dallas Mavericks are on the verge of sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers out of the playoffs today in Dallas. Mavericks fans are ecstatic that their team could be the team to end the Lakers’ reign and send them packing a bit earlier than expected.

So with a sweep of the Lakers possibly happening today, Dallas fans will be in full force today carrying brooms, having fun at the Lakers expense, and celebrating their team’s performance with brooms in hand….right? Think again.

The Mavericks organization is banning all brooms today and when I mean all brooms, I mean ALL brooms:

Although the Mavs can sweep the Los Angeles Lakers with a win today, brooms won’t be allowed inside AAC. Mavs officials and ushers have been told to confiscate all brooms — whether they’re real or drawn on placards.

“Brooms will not be allowed in the building,”‘ Nelson said. “At this point it’s all about [today].

The Mavs organization say it’s not to rile up the Lakers but come on Mavs! This is a bit ridiculous.

Let your fans have fun, and let them celebrate. The more and more you take away from fans having fun at being at an NBA game, the more fans might turn away from going to games. This is part of the fan experience and with this act, you just sapped the fun from Mavs fans at the game today.

Way to go Mavericks!