Nowitzki, Don Nelson, A Dog, A Hot Tub

Dallas Mavericks’ Dirk Nowitzki has seen it all during his career in the NBA.

He has seen the highs of playing in the NBA Finals, the lows of losing to an eighth seeded team in the playoffs, and everything else in between.

But I’m sure the following is one thing he wished he had never seen, EVER!

While playing for former Mavericks’ coach Don Nelson, Dirk recalled walking into what some would consider a scene out of a horror movie and it involved a hot tub, coach Nelson and Nelson’s dog:

“Oh God,” Nowitzki initially responded after being persuaded to tell the story. “He actually was in the hot tub with his dog. The dog wasn’t running around, the dog was in the hot tub with him. … I don’t know, but it was awful.”

I know people develop strong bonds with their pets and grow to love them but there is a difference between loving your pet, and hopping into a hot tub with your dog . . . alone!

As for Dirk, I wonder how much therapy he needed after walking into that situation. I’m pretty sure he’d prefer a loss in the playoffs over walking into that again!

So after reading that, how much brain scrub are you going through?