On The Clock: Pick #12 – Utah Jazz

This one is easy.

Seeing as they already have the #3 pick to get the best player at that spot, the Jazz can make a smart business decision with the #12 and select Jimmer Fredette out of Brigham Young University and the leading scorer in NCAA Division I with 28.9 points.

With the 1-2 sucker punch for Jazz fans this past season after the sudden departures of coach Jerry Sloan and All-Star Deron Williams, the least they could do is nab the hometown guy and guarantee a rabid fan base for him. Selling a ton of jerseys won’t hurt and besides, a pure scorer is a pure scorer.

The Jazz already have Devin Harris as their starting PG so Fredette can be an “instant offense” type off the bench. Going by the puzzling criteria of comparing white players with others of similar skin tone (like Dirk being compared to Bird weeks ago) he could be a capable NBA player like Jeff Hornacek or JJ Redick. Or he could be more like two-time NBA champion Adam Morrison. We just don’t know yet.

What we do know is that the kid is a hard worker and certainly has the range to earn a paycheck as a professional basketball player. The Jazz have a pressing need for an upgrade over Raja Bell at the shooting guard spot which must be addressed in free agency. If Fredette doesn’t pan out as a ball distributor in the NBA, they can always throw him in at the 2 spot and give him the green light to shoot, in the same way that JJ Barrea (another white player) was so effective for the Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs.

Just from living here in Miami, I’ve seen how hometown guys like Udonis Haslem, James Jones and Carlos Arroyo have made a profound impact on the local fan-base. The Jazz already have great fans but to have the opportunity to cheer on Fredette, who is also a Mormon, is something the franchise shouldn’t pass up at the #12 spot. 

Do it for the fans, Jazz. And if not, do it for your bottom line. 


Photo courtesy of daylife.com