Parker Passes On China, Reaffirms He Will Play For France

The list of NBA players going overseas or have agreed to do so during the NBA lockout continues to mount. And while there has only been one impact player – Deron Williams – going across the pond, there was a recent report San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker was in serious talks to play for China.

But Parker dispelled the notion (via he would make such a move, reaffirming his desire to play for his home country of France:

“My agent talked about China a little bit,” Parker said after totaling 23 points, seven rebounds and four assists in France’s 82-60 victory. “But for me I just want to focus on the national team, that’s most important for me. I’m not going to take any decision until the end of September, after the European Championships. I want to see if I’m healthy, if I’m hurt and by then we will also know a lot more what is happening with the situation of the lockout.

“If I play (abroad), I will definitely play in France, for my fans, for my team, ASVEL.”

In case you didn’t know, Parker owns a part of the French club ASVEL and is VP of basketball operations. So it would behoove himself to play for his own team and give himself an opt-out clause to return to the Spurs once the lockout is over.

Plus, with China considering legislation limiting NBA players from playing in China during the lockout hoping to avoid players from leaving once the lockout ends, it probably added to Parker’s reason to pass on China.

However, this news isn’t so revealing seeing how Parker has been on the record about his desire to play in France months ago.  Bloguin’s own Project Spurs reported back in April, Parker said he would play in France should the lockout eat into the new season.