Rodman Celebrates His Hall Of Fame Induction As Only Rodman Can

So you just got inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame which means you might go out after the ceremony for a nice quiet dinner, maybe share the night with your family and end the night with a glass of champagne and a toast to your huge accomplishment.

That probably summed up the night for a few of the newly minted Hall of Famers such as Artis Gilmore, Chris Mullin or Arvydas Sabonis but not for Dennis Rodman.

Rodman celebrated as only Rodman can in “Sin City” surrounded by lingerie clad women, puffing on a huge cigar while the alcohol flowed:

The flamboyant personality was decked out in dark denim jeans, a black lace muscle shirt, a white faux fur coat, a sequin hat with pheasant feathers and white slip-on loafers.

A large entourage joined Dennis as soon as he hit the red carpet, with fans awaiting his arrival, and the adoration continued into the club throughout the evening.

His group and he enjoyed Veuve Clicquot, Grey Goose cocktails and Jaegermeister shots, while Dennis puffed on a large cigar.

You know, this is the exact blue print for anyone who ever accomplishes anything in their life. Get a raise at work? Do as Rodman does. Meet your sales goals? Again do as Rodman does.

This is how you celebrate getting inducted into the Hall of Fame! Dennis lives life to its fullest and with life being so short enjoy it!

And for the record, I have on my bucket list the following entry “Party with Rodman.” Though partying with Rodman would probably be my last day on Earth. But what a way to go out.

(photo: Tom Donoghue)