Rondo’s Elbow Slowly Getting Better

It was a moment in time which stood still for all Celtics fans across the globe during this past season’s playoffs.

Celtics floor general, Rajon Rondo, falling back, stuck out his left arm to brace his fall, and subsequently dislocated his elbow. To Rondo’s credit, he did return to the court in the same game to help Boston against the Miami Heat with a heavily padded elbow hearkening memories of Willis Reed’s return to the court for the Knicks.

That was early May.  Nearly three months have passed since then, and all Celtics’ fans want to know how that elbow is doing.

Well let’s hear it from the man himself:

“The elbow is getting better,” said Rondo. “I got another check-up on it today. It’s getting there. It’s still a little swollen, [but] other than that, no problem.”

Rondo added that he can engage in limited contact right now, but he’s not pushing it. Then he quipped, “I think I did three push-ups today.”

Three push-ups, lifting the remote with his left arm, putting on a tie, at this point all of Boston sees this as progress and might be quietly thankful there’s a lockout going on right now. The more time Rondo has to heal, the better.  And rightfully so.  

Let’s face it, the Celtics have a “Big 4” and not a “Big 3” as many like to point out. Some might argue he is the most crucial cog in the Celtics’ machine. Last season he posted a career-high in assists with 11.2 per game, matched a career high in steals with 2.3 per game, and chipped in with 10.6 points. Losing a player like that long-term would simply hurt Boston irreparably.

As the core of Boston – Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen – gets up in age and mileage, Rondo will become more of a focal point for Boston offensively, defensively and in future plans but for now a healthy Rondo must be a top-priority for Boston.