Rubio Really Should Update His Cell Phone’s Contact List

Just when I was showering Minnesota Timberwolves’ Ricky Rubio with praise comes this gem.

Say you’re a rookie in the NBA and will soon embark on your first steps on basketball’s biggest stage. Let’s also add how you know there is an on-going lockout and although you can’t workout with your team’s coaching staff, you’re not precluded from contacting your fellow teammates to get some time to develop chemistry, build camaraderie, and pick up a few tips on how to succeed in the NBA.

Sounds sensible doesn’t it?

Well don’t tell that to Rubio who claims he cannot catch up with his future teammates because he doesn’t have their phone numbers!

In an interview with, Rubio had this to say as to why he hasn’t spent time with his new teammates:

He has talked with pal Kevin Love since he’s been here in the U.S., but hasn’t spent time with any other new Timberwolves teammates while he’s been in L.A.

“I would love to talk with all the guys, but I don’t have their number,” he said. “I will soon.”

Right Rubio, you don’t have their number considering how you already spent time on the court with some of the current Timberwolves players.

And if you do not have their number Ricky, you do realize some of your teammates can be found on Twitter and Facebook. No really! Look I will get you started. Here is Anthony Randolph’s Twitter page. So seeing how you have a Twitter page, might as well put it to use and send Randolph a message you need to get a hold of him.

OK and even if you don’t have their number, you do know you have an agent right? I am pretty sure your agent can get you any of your teammates’ numbers. Make him earn that check!

Yes Rubio has recently worked out with other NBA players such as Kevin Garnett, and Shawn Marion, but come on, he has to maximize time with his teammates and get to know them. Especially the guys who might be losing their job to you as Crossover Chronicles’ John Karalis pointed out.

But hey I get it Rubio. You are young, don’t have to technically report to work yet, and you are in Los Angeles. I am sure you are having fun in a new country.

However, word to the wise, I suggest you get their numbers and every other form of contact info from your soon-to-be teammates. It just might be a wee bit important.