Rubio Staying In Spain? (Updated)

Minnesota Timberwolves fans were elated when word came out their 2009 NBA Draftee, Spanish guard Ricky Rubio, was finally coming to the NBA.

After two years the wait was over . . . right? Well not so fast.

According to the AP, seems Rubio might be having second thoughts and is talking with Spanish club Barcelona about his  future with the team:

Minnesota Timberwolves draft pick Ricky Rubio says he is talking with Spanish club Barcelona about his future.

Rubio said “we are talking with Barcelona and we will soon see” after Barca beat Bilbao for the Spanish league title on Tuesday night.

OK Timberwolves fans, I know you want to pull your hair out right now with Rubio in what seems like he is reconsidering but the report does state he is talking to Barcelona. Nothing is set in stone.

You also have to factor in the high probability an NBA lockout will occur next season and Rubio could be factoring that in as well. No player wants to be sitting around on his duff waiting for the new CBA to be finalized. Even NBA players are considering playing overseas should a lockout occur.

This just seems like bad timing for all parties involved. His team just won the Spanish league title and amidst the celebration, perhaps Rubio was swept up in the jubilation. Add the fact an NBA lockout and it’s quite possible he may remain in Spain.

So now what? Well Minnesota could deal his rights for the right trade. The NBA Draft is fast approaching and that could be an avenue for Minnesota to gauge Rubio’s value.

Perhaps another season playing in Spain will do Rubio good. He has struggled recently and doesn’t look like the player many thought he was in 2009. However, will Minnesota and their fans have enough patience to continue to wait?

In the end, if this does revolve around the possible NBA lockout, then I can’t say I blame him.


Seems reports of Rubio staying in Spain are premature.

According to ESPN, Rubio has signed with Minnesota:

Ricky Rubio has already signed a contract with the Minnesota Timberwolves and the holdup keeping him from leaving Barcelona is related to his buyout agreement, multiple sources told

“This is just a bump in the road for (the Timberwolves),” said one source.

Rubio’s Spanish club won the ACB championship Tuesday, after which Rubio said:

“We are talking with Barcelona and we will soon see.”

Well there you go Timberwolves fans. Rubio will be coming to the team. Just if there’s a lockout, seems you might have to wait longer to see him in a Minnesota jersey.

(photo: AP)