Search Warrant Served At Zach Randolph’s Home After Report Of Drug-Related Assault

Just when things were starting to look up for Memphis Grizzlies’ Zach Randolph comes this unfortunate news.

According to The Oregonian (via a drug-related assault occurred at his home in Oregon on Saturday.  Police showed up at his home yesterday morning:

Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. James Rhodes said Randolph was home at the time police served the warrant.

Rhodes said the search warrant came as part of a drug-related assault that occurred at the home early Saturday morning.

A man who was at the home told police he was assaulted with a pool cue by multiple people; Randolph was at home at the time of the incident, Rhodes said, but was not a suspect in the assault.

Not good.

As mentioned before, Randolph has been coming out of the shadows of his days in Portland where he was involved in off-the-court incidents, a few of which involved drugs. Even early in his career with Memphis, there was also a drug incident.

Moreover, Randolph has emerged as a leader for the young Grizzlies squad, and should any further investigation reveal he was involved in this drug related incident then this is a set back for his personal development which could impact the young Grizzlies.

Fortunately, for Randolph should he end up a suspect or worse, there isn’t a drug-policy in force with the NBA lockout in full swing.  However, I find it a bit odd there was a drug-assault at his residence yet he isn’t a suspect.

Here you have a person who has a history of drug use, allowing others into his home who also appear to be involved in drugs, and a drug-related assault occurred and he isn’t a suspect? And if Randolph has removed himself from his irresponsible days, what is he doing allowing these types into his home? It doesn’t take a genius to know there is much more to this story.

In the end, Randolph needs to just stop surrounding himself with this type of element. It’s either that or he will be blowing a lot of his new contract money on legal fees, or worse, find himself in prison.