Stephen Curry’s Ankle Is Going To Be OK

The Golden State Warriors got some great news regarding their star point guard, Stephen Curry, and his injured ankle.

X-rays proved to be negative on his surgically-repaired right ankle but the Warriors will be cautious and will list him as day-to-day so it is possible he could play in tonight’s home game against the New York Knicks.

“It was comforting for me that it wasn’t one of those just planting and moving kind of injuries like I had” injuring it last week in preseason, Curry said.

“It’s still frustrating that this keeps coming up. I had this all last year so for me it’s just trying to figure out why it keeps doing that and try to get it stronger.”

As Curry stated, this isn’t the first time he tweaked his ankle. He suffered the same injury in preseason action and even missed out on a few practices. Now with this recent injury, it is imperative Golden State treads cautiously.

Sure Curry is young and will bounce right back but this isn’t your normal NBA season.

In this truncated season, combined with minimal preseason games and training camp, it is highly possible other NBA players might succumb to injuries as the season rages on.

Take a look at the NFL and their recent labor impasses. Once that was over, the NFL rushed training camps and now players are dropping like flies.

With back-to-back-to-back game situations, let alone plenty of games during a seven-day week, do not be surprised if other players begin to suffer nagging injuries.