Take NBA 2K12 Anywhere With You

NBA 2k12 is finally on the shelves and many of you reading this are stuck in an office just chomping at photo: kotaku.comthe bit to crack open your copy of the much anticipated NBA game this year.

However, if you are like me, someone who didn’t reserve a copy, you might be waiting a bit longer should stores sell out of the game.

But do not fret gamers, while other grown men may be in line right now with 12-year old kids waiting in line with their mom (the same kids who will most certainly wreck you online in this game) you are not totally out of luck.

2k Sports has announced you can download the game on your smart phone.

“The iOS platform has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for gaming, and we wanted to give fans the chance to play NBA 2K12 with a touch of their finger – anywhere and anytime,” said Greg Thomas, president of product development for 2K Sports. “We’re excited to bring the authentic NBA 2K basketball experience to the mobile games market and we hope fans will be too.”

There you go. Just another reason to see your work productivity plummet to all-time depths.

But I should warn you, seeing how you will be using your fingers to move the players about, do not press too hard on Greg Oden’s knee. You know what will happen.