The 4 Jerseys You Gotta Have For Every Team. Day 30: San Antonio

Our series on the four jerseys fans of every NBA team continues today.  It’s Southwest Division week, and today we’re concluding this series with the San Antonio Spurs.  Remember, we’re not just going to list off four popular players in team history.  We know that when you’re wearing a jersey, you’re going for a “look.”  So every day we’re going to tell you the jersey you’ve got to have, the jersey you can’t go wrong with (in case you can’t find the first one), the jersey that will make people say “Oh, that’s awesome,” and the joke jersey that will have everyone laughing.spurs_logo

Born in the old ABA, the San Antonio Spurs are what many in the NBA consider the gold standard of modern franchises. Sure they had their days of mediocrity but are now a perennial playoff team let alone a contender for the title year-in and year-out.

Since their arrival into the NBA, this small-market team has gone on to win four NBA titles all the while staying relatively financially grounded by drafting smart, and signing solid role players to surround their core players. Not only that, since 1997, the Spurs have won 69.6 percent of their games, the best winning percentage in professional sports.

Call them “boring” all you want, but there is no denying this team ranks among the best franchises ever in the NBA. The Spurs’ perfect record in NBA Finals is surpassed only by the Chicago Bulls, who have won six without a loss. In fact, the Bulls and Spurs are the only two teams to maintain perfect records through multiple Finals series. Also, San Antonio has only missed the playoffs four times as an NBA franchise.

Gotta Have:

Tim Duncan — You know that best winning percentage in professional sports fact about the Spurs I mentioned above? Well it only coincides with the arrival of Duncan. What more can be said about this player who has done it all in the NBA? Four NBA titles, back-to-back NBA MVPs, countless All-Star appearances, Finals MVPs, and the best power forward ever to play the game . . . or is he a center? Nevertheless, “The Big Fundamental” was the missing piece this franchise needed to put them among the pantheon of the best NBA franchises. And although he may be seeing the end of his NBA career nearing, whenever he is on the court, he is still a threat on both ends of the court for any opposing team.

He is a quiet superstar in the NBA and will only be appreciated once his playing days are over. Much like the next player in this list.

You Can’t Go Wrong With:  

photo: shopnbcsports.comDavid Robinson — “The Admiral” saved the Spurs. The team was living at the bowels of the NBA; a perennial cellar-dweller until the arrival of Robinson. Drafted in the 1997 NBA Draft, he had to serve a two-year Naval commitment but it was worth the wait. He was a two-time NBA champion, NBA MVP, Olympian, member of the 1992 Dream Team, Hall of Famer, and held his own in an era dominated by centers.

Robinson was a big man the NBA had never seen before. He was doing things on the court from a big man before Amar’e Stoudemire, and Dwight Howard were doing the same. He was quick, agile, able to run down point guards on the break, score with the best of them, defend the paint, shoot out on the perimeter and a model for how players should conduct themselves on and off the court.

Aside from recording one of the four quadruple-doubles ever in the NBA, his stats are just insane. I’m talking mouth-dropping, eye-popping insane. No for real! Look for yourself.

“Oh, That’s Cool”:

George “Iceman” Gervin — The nickname says it all – Iceman. Gervin exudes coolness. He was a silky, smooth scorer with his trademark “finger roll” which proved almost unstoppable. Not only that, Gervin came from the ABA where he made his mark. When you think ABA, the red, white and blue ball, run-and-gun, slam dunk contest, and Ice come right to your mind.

And though he never won an ABA or NBA title, his game is legendary and wearing a Gervin jersey will just increase your “coolness factor.”

“Oh, That’s Funny”:

Dwayne Schintzius — You know him, you love him and you love that glorious mullet he sported during his time in the NBA and with the Spurs.

Chosen in the first round of the 1990 draft, Schintzius never panned out despite the hype and what’s funny is that he is known more for what he did off the court than on and his best off-the-court antic had to be what he did to former Spurs GM Bob Bass.

When Bass asked Dwayne to cut his mullet, he complied and in return, sent the shavings to Bass in an envelope. He was soon traded to the Kings.

And although he recently beat cancer, if you wear this jersey and you are sure to get some laughs. Bonus points if you wear Dwayne’s jersey with matching mullet.

There you have it.  The four jerseys Spurs fans have got to have.  Disagree with us?  Let us know who we missed in the comments.

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