The Knicks Are All Heart, Up Ticket Prices For Disabled Fans

It is the season to give thanks, appreciate those around you, and spread Christmas cheer. Except knicks_logofor the New York Knicks who decided to be a Grinch this holiday season to the wrong fan-base.

According to the New York Post, the Knicks will increase floor tickets for those fans in wheelchairs from $300 to a whopping $2,850.



Aside from the sticker shock those fans will experience, this just screams bad PR move. Was there not someone, anyone, in that meeting to sit back, think it over and say, “You know, this is just going to look terrible once word gets out. Let’s keep it the same price.” Apparently not.

You may ask yourself how can the Knicks organization justify this price increase? Simple, MSG renovations.

Garden spokesman Barry Watkins said the $300 spots were eliminated as part of the arena’s ongoing $850 million renovation. He said the new floor spots for the disabled are closer to the action than the old ones.

The average increase for seats in the Garden this year was about 50 percent, including accommodations for the disabled at 14 other locations in the arena. The price hikes, he said, were due to renovation costs.

The ticket prices for handicap-accessible seating are the same as seats in adjacent areas, Watkins said.

So the good news is disabled fans will be closer to the action but the bad news is that most won’t be able to afford the ticket cost to begin with. Yeah, that makes sense.

Do yourself a favor Knicks, go back and reconsider this PR flop. There certainly has to be other spots you can use to accommodate these disabled fans and make it much more affordable.

And you wonder why NBA fans have so much disdain for NBA ownership.