The Lockout Strikes The Bobcats

The NBA lockout is in full swing and many looking at the situation may be focusing on the owners, the league and the players.

And while those parties are the focal point of the CBA discussions, there are the employees of the teams who are lost between the cracks.

Well it would appear the lockout has struck some of the Charlotte Bobcats’ personnel:

[T]he Bobcats’ corporate communications director lost his job Thursday and several more staffers could face a similar fate.

The Bobcats decline comment, citing personnel policies.

A source close to the situation says several more positions could be cut as soon as next week. The Bobcats employ 130 people.

This lockout will continue to have serious ramifications the longer it drags out. Fans may not sympathize with millionaire basketball players arguing with billionaire owners and how can they? Fans work hard for every dime and will spend that hard-earned dime on pricey tickets, expensive arena food, and team merchandise.

However, fans can relate to the employees who will lose their jobs during the lockout. As in this case with those who have lost their job with the Bobcats. You know, the people behind the scenes, away from the spotlight, who actually make the teams run.

So as fans may laugh at players who are “planking” during the lockout, read how players are off to exotic locations to play basketball, and owners and players still having more money than the average fan will ever have, just remember there are individuals who fans can empathize with.

And as for the Bobcats, this lockout could not have come at a worst time. Charlotte has yet to turn a profit since joining the NBA as an expansion team in 2004.