The Lockout’s Impact On The Cavs. Except For ‘Moondog’

The NBA lockout is taking its toll on every team and the people who depend on the NBA for their source of financial income. Whether it be New York City, San Antonio, Boston, Chicago or any other city which claims an NBA franchise, there is no doubting the financial ramifications that continue as each day passes.

As many simply focus on the players and owners, let’s not forget the hotels, restaurants, charter bus services, arenas, and much more, that have also taken some of the negative financial brunt from this lockout.

And to put it more in focus, let’s take a look (via at how the lockout has taken its toll on the Cleveland Cavaliers which more than likely can extend to any other NBA team.

graphic via The Plain DealerAs you can see, Antawn Jamison is taking a huge hit (though I doubt any Cavs fans mind this) but then again, he will make much more money than others intertwined with the Cavs. Hard-working individuals such as vendors are hurting.

Except for Moondog.

You know Moondog is getting worked big time right now by the Cavs management. You know they are saying, “OK Moondog, we are still paying you so let’s get cracking. Get out to the Q and I want 48 minutes of you jumping through hoops of fire, tossing tee-shirts into the stands . . . yes we know it’s empty in the Q . . . and running around.”

This should just reinforce the ripple effect this lockout is having on many so let’s get it done owners and players union!