Thunder’s Robinson Caught Peeing In Public

When nature calls, nature calls and it recently called Oklahoma City Thunder’s Nate Robinson. Only problem is that nature called Robinson when no bathroom was to be found.

Robinson was recently cited and arrested for urinating in public on the sidewalk outside the City Center in White Plains. N.Y.:

The 5-foot-9 Robinson, who has also played for the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics, was arrested shortly before 2 a.m. after cops said he was seen urinating outside a Barnes & Noble store on Main Street.

He was taken police headquarters, where he was issued a ticket charging him with a public urination violation. Robinson was released on $100 bail and is due in City Court on June 22. The violation normally carries a $50 fine. Police said he gave a Seattle address.

So let’s recap – he was out and about in N.Y., was 2 a.m., gave a Seattle address, and publicly used a sidewalk as a toilet. Perhaps Robinson may have had one too many adult beverages?

And if it was because Robinson had one too many drinks then who hasn’t had a night out and made some poor choices under the influence of alcohol?

Hopefully Robinson can put this incident behind him but the lesson here boys and girls is don’t use a public sidewalk as a toilet.