Video: Alando Tucker Raps. Complete With Knife Carving

Leave it to me, probably the only guy here at Crossover Chronicles to not like rap, to continue to stumble across ballers rapping.

This time it’s former Phoenix Suns player Alando Tucker taking his turn at the mic.

Well what can I say? Tucker apparently has released a music video (via for his song “Boy n Da Hood.” Ugh, it pained me to just type that right now.

Basically it’s the same theme many of these rappers sing about and know best — themselves. Tucker raps about his life struggles which includes him getting a college scholarship, having no Internet, and more NSFW lyrics including knife carving. Yes, he is carving the title of the song in a desk.

Now you kids watching this video, do not do what Tucker does to your school desk. Ah who am I kidding, like anyone is going to see this video.