Video: Durant Shows Off His ‘Guns’ To Jennings

Last weekend the Drew-Goodman League took place as the Goodman League walked away with the narrow victory. Leading the way was Thunder’s Kevin Durant as he finished with 44 points and was named the MVP.

But aside from the final score, the game gave many basketball fans some great memories and four-quarters of ball with the lockout/offseason in full swing. Take this gem for example.

It has been well documented Bucks’ Brandon Jennings has been humiliating street-ballers this summer. However, it would seem Durant gave Jennings a dose of his own medicine as he scored on him and decided to hand him tickets to the “gun show.”

Look, KD, we love ya.  But flashing the toothpicks to talk trash might not be the most effective taunt.  Maybe once you get past curling 25 pounds… but not now.  Tell you what, why don’t you go check in with the official Crossover Chronicles trainer and get back to us.  

Work on the uvulous muscle, maybe the upper dorsimus, and try it again.