Video: Jennings Continues To School Streetballers

The lockout hasn’t deterred NBA players from some good old fashion streetball this summer and giving NBA fans lots to talk about at the water-cooler the next day at the office. From Michael Beasely showing a fan his impression of the face hugger creature from the movie Aliens, Matt Barnes proving he can’t play in a game without getting into a fight, to Kevin Durant going “easy mode” at Rucker Park and dropping 66 points, the summer may be shadowed by the lockout but fans are still getting their fill of basketball action.

Now fans can add Milwaukee Bucks’ Brandon Jennings to the mix and his tour of humiliating streetballers.

By now you have seen video of Jennings giving a would-be defender a close-up look at the fine craftsmanship the people at Spaulding put into making basketballs. Now check out video (via of Jennings putting on a dribbling clinic by bouncing the ball between some poor sap’s legs at New York City’s Dyckman League.