Video: Kirilenko, Kristic Get Down. Do The Macarena

Well this is painfully awkward.

What do you get when you mix the Samba, the Lambada, the Macarena, Andrei Kirilenko and Nenad Kristic? A train wreck so horrendous that you just can’t divert your eyes.

The two are playing for CSKA Moscow during the NBA lockout and apparently got suckered into doing some dancing which turns out they do not know their left foot from their right foot.

They may be able to ball in the NBA but do not expect the folks out at Dancing With The Stars to be rushing out to send them personal invites for next season.

Though I do give AK47 some credit. It does seem he is giving a valiant effort while Kristic just looks like a dancing Frankenstein.

Just a heads up, AK, Nenad and their teammates do a train. You have been warned.