Overseas Injury Nightmare Part 1: Kirilenko’s Head Meets The Court

Avert your eyes Utah Jazz fans and coaching staff because Andrei Kirilenko had one nasty fall.

“AK 47” is currently playing with CSKA Moscow for the duration of the NBA lockout and in a recent game, Andrei had a very scary fall to the court.

And by “scary fall” I mean Kirilenko hit the court so hard you can hear the impact, see his head bounce and blood started to flow from his forehead as he remained laying on the court as doctors tended to him.

AK did get up (albeit bandaged up) and walked off the court but I am sure this won’t sit well with the Jazz seeing how they cannot contact their player during the lockout and check on him.

And as the headline indicates, this is only part one.  In a little while, the nightmare of NBA players playing ball oveseas gets even worse.

(via Outside The Boxscore)