Video: Lakers’ Peace Does Stand-Up Comedy

Put this in the “It’s the offseason and NBA lockout” pile.

Los Angeles Lakers’ Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace sure knows how to grab your attention.

From his on the court antics, his change of name and now he is hosting a comedy tour this summer amid the NBA lockout.

Ron Artest’s Ultimate Comedy Tour is a four-city tour but Peace took the stage even though he has zero stand-up experience:

“I know two jokes, then I guess I’m going to wing it,” he said.

“I always embarrass myself, anyway, so what’s the big deal?” he said. “So I’ll be booed. Awesome. How many people have a chance to get booed. I want to get booed.”

“People want to laugh at me, this works, let’s pile it on, make it fun.”

It’s hasn’t gone unnoticed that Artest’s basketball game is diminishing. He is no longer the player he once was so it’s good to know Artest can look forward to a “promising” career in comedy once his career is over.

However, at this point, with all of Artest’s antics, we can just sum this up as just another chapter in the zany life of Ron Artest.