Video: Nuggets’ Gallonari Gets The Rap Treatment

How do you know you made it in the NBA? Multiple All-Star appearances? People sporting your jersey in the streets? A fat contract? Well maybe but for Denver Nuggets’ Danilo Gallinari he knows he made it when a rap song is named after him.

A group named “Hemmy Hendrix” made a rap-electronic fused song dedicated to the Italian and although there is no official video to accompany the song, but should a video eventually come out, I can’t wait to see Danilo in saggy pants, boxers showing, sideways cap, “wife-beater” tank-top, gold chains around his neck, and tossing bills in the air to “make it rain.”

Now how awesome would that be to see?

But I will tell you this much, the Nuggets have to use this as Gallo’s intro song whenever he comes on the court.

Take a listen to this song (NSFW lyrics) and ponder the questions, “What compelled this group to make this song to begin with?” and “The song says Gallo balls hard, since when?”