Video: Pistons’ Villanueva Overreacts Just A Little Bit

The Detroit Pistons’ season is about to come to a painful end. The franchise has dealt with a losing season, the drama surrounding Rip Hamilton, a players walk out on coach John Kuester, and the sale of the franchise, so what better way to cap off their tumultuous season than having a scuffle between Charlie Villanueva and Ryan Hollins of the Cavs almost turn extremely ugly.

With the game in hand for Cleveland in the fourth quarter, Hollins and Villanueva got tangled up, exchanged some words, and were eventually separated. After the refs decided Hollins and Villanueva were to be ejected from the game, this happened:

So what did Villanueva have to say about his antics?

“You gotta be careful with the quiet ones, right?” said Villanueva, normally gregarious. “At the end of the day that’s something that happened on the court, it should stay on the court.

“I overreacted. He said some things that got me upset.”

Overreacted. That’s putting it lightly Charlie. How about “I went ballistic,” or “I came undone.”

Interesting to note, if you listen to the Palace arena announcer, he repeatedly tells the fans to remain in their seats. Seems the spectre of the 2004 Pacers-Pistons melee is alive and well.

Just one more game Pistons fans and it’s all over.