Video: FC Barcelona Cheerleaders Sure To Make You Press Replay Repeatedly

What I am about to show you is only because the NBA is in a lockout and we are in the midst of the offseason.

Yeah, that’s it.

Who am I kidding?

As if Spanish team Regal FC Barcelona didn’t need any more gorgeous cheerleaders, the team is looking for more women to fill out their cheerleading ranks. And it’s a good thing the team is based in Spain. I hear it’s like a factory out there with the country just pumping out rather attractive women. 

You know, perhaps this was the real reason Ricky Rubio took a bit longer to make his way to the NBA. More time to “develop.” Sure Ricky, uh huh!

For the record, I would like to fly to Spain and volunteer to be a judge. Hey someone has to do it.

Now excuse me as I hit the replay button for the next 24 hours.