Video: Rudy Fernandez With A Most Difficult But Quite Awesome 3-Point Shot

So it kind of went like this in the Real Madrid huddle as a play was being drawn up for Rudy Fernandez:

Coach: We’re going to set up a simple play for Rudy to take the three and get us a possible 4-point play. Rudy, stay behind the three-point line. When you get the ball, should a defender come charging at you and you get hit, pump-fake, toss the ball in the air towards the rim wildly, flail your arms and fall out of bounds. I guarantee you the ball will go in. Just nail the free-throw and we got ourselves a 4-point play just like that.

Rudy: Piece of cake coach!

Yup exactly how it was drawn up. And who says Rudy can’t shoot?