Video: Sasha Vujacic Throwing Elbows, Shoving Players & Getting Ejected Overseas

Say the name Sasha Vujacic to any NBA fans and you will get quite the treasure trove of adjectives that aren’t too kind.

During his time in the NBA, he garnered a reputation as being a pest, annoyance, and all around douchebag. What topped it off was when he proclaimed himself “The Machine” during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. And of course many were dumbfounded when he ended up getting engaged to tennis pro and all around hottie Maria Sharapova.

Well it seems that douchebag status knows no boundaries.

Vujacic is currently playing overseas with Anadolu Efes S.K. of the Turkish League and apparently he developed a “tough guy” mentality.

In a game versus Real Madrid, Vujacic decided to put on his “big boy pants” and throw his weight around. Check out Sasha throwing an elbow into a player’s back and then shoving another player to the court. You also got to love watching him plead with the refs as if he did nothing wrong before getting tossed.