Video: Thanks To Westbrook, Ridnour Will Forever Be Remembered For Getting Crossed-Up

You know that feeling you get when something bad is about to happen? You know, all the signs are there, red-flags are waving, and you are just waiting for the inevitable devastation to occur.

That probably went through Minnesota Timberwolves’ Luke Ridnour’s mind as he was left to defend Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook in last night’s matchup.

Check out Ridnour (h/t getting absolutely humiliated by a Westbrook crossover-dribble. And by “humiliated” I mean this highlight will forever haunt Luke’s pro-career. He can go on and score 50 points in the next 10 games, marry some gorgeous actress, or even make the All-Star squad and it won’t be enough to make anyone forget this humiliation.