Video: Wilson Chandler Drops 43 Points, 22 Rebounds In Debut Game

Denver Nuggets’ Wilson Chandler is currently playing in China with the Zhejiang Guangsha of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) due to the NBA lockout.

And although the CBA will not let NBA players head back to the NBA through an out-clause when the lockout is over, if the following video is any indication of how he will perform in China, I’m sure he is happy about his decision.

Chandler recently filled the stat-sheet in his debut game in China to the tune of 43 points, 22 rebounds and 4 assists in 50 minutes in a 118-115 overtime win over Tianjin Ronggang.

Sure his play might be against watered-down competition, but for Nuggets fans interested in how their would-be restricted free agent is doing in China, I am sure this will something to wet their appetite during the lockout.