Wade Might Ask You ‘Original Recipe or Extra Crispy?’

Imagine you get a craving for a bucket of the Colonel’s best fried chicken.

You go through the drive-thru at KFC, place your order, drive up a bit more to pay at the next window only to realize Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade has been taking your order all along.

Well this could possibly happen at a local Chicago KFC.

Now before you start thinking Wade blew his millions of dollars during the NBA lockout, he didn’t. The KFC Wade used to work at as a teen in Chicago has offered Wade a job to work the drive-thru for charity. 

The KFC has pledged it will make a $250,000 donation to the Colonel Scholars program in Wade’s name if he agrees to take the job offer.

This all started when Wade jokingly tweeted he needed a job since the lockout is in full effect and the KFC general manager wrote Wade:

“We couldn’t help but notice your recent tweet about looking for a new line of work in light of the lockout,” the letter said. “We’re always looking for folks with precisely your qualifications — initiative, teamwork and the ability to make buckets in a hurry.”

First off, I hope Wade does take the job. It is for charity, and would be a fun break from all this CBA mess.

Second, I would like to see if any of Wade’s potential KFC co-workers will cry after closing time if they didn’t meet any sales goals, or not step up in making buckets of chicken when it really matters during the dinner rush.