Warriors inquiring about Gay, Deng, Nene?

With a new coach, aggressive ownership, and Jerry West in the fold, it appears the Golden State Warriors are trying to revamp their existing squad and push for it to become a West team to contend with.

The are already reports of Golden State looking to trade Monta Ellis for 76ers Andre Iguodala but now comes word the Warriors are inquiring about Memphis Grizzlies’ Rudy Gay,Chicago Bulls’ Luol Deng and Denver Nuggets’ Nene:

Multiple sources confirm they have talked to Memphis about Rudy Gay, Philadelphia about Andre Iguodala, Chicago about Luol Deng and Denver about Nene.

Seems Golden State really feels Ellis no longer fits in the grand scheme of what the Warriors want to do. New coach Mark Jackson is defensive-minded, so a backcourt duo of Stephan Curry and Ellis would not work.

And with the aim to send Ellis to a contending team, Chicago, Memphis and Denver would fit the bill. The report also goes on to state other teams are interested in Ellis. As for Denver being a possible destination, it might be unlikely since all signs are pointing to Nene resigning with the Nuggets.

Regardless where he ends up, he is going to make any contending team that much better.