What Lockout? NBA Preseason Schedule Released

Last I checked there was an NBA lockout in full effect. Did I miss something because the NBA has released the 2011-2012 preseason schedule.

Hooray! We get to read about games that might or might not happen. Thanks for the tease NBA.

So fans, here are a few highlight games but I highly recommend you file any games you wish to attend under “tentative” since it would appear the lockout is going to eat into the upcoming season based on reports of how far apart the players and owners are in negotiations.

The preseason gets underway on October 9 as Minnesota and Detroit meet at the Palace where NBA and Timberwolves fans will get their first look at Ricky Rubio in action.  On October 11, Dallas will be back on the court after winning the 2011 NBA title as they face off against Indiana in Indiana.

For Lakers’ fans, they will get to see what changes Mike Brown has in store and if Kobe’s gimpy knee is 100% recovered as Los Angeles travels to Canada to face the Hawks. On October 17, Cleveland and Kyrie Irving will travel to San Antonio in a preseason tussle. This will be a good test for Irving as he will go up against Tony Parker.

Of course all this depends on if the CBA mess gets resolved in time and from the looks of things, it’s not promising. So sit back, relax and look forward to some good old fashion preseason ball . . . maybe.

(logo via sportsbusinessdigest.com)