Yao May Retire In Two Years

Yao Ming. A once promising big man from China who made waves upon his arrival to the NBA after being drafted by the Houston Rockets number one overall.

But was once a promising career, Ming was beset with foot and ankle injuries which has derailed his basketball career. Yao tried to make a comeback last season, playing in five games before once again suffering a stress fracture in his ankle.

Now, Yao is beginning to see this might be the end of the road and is giving himself the summer to see how his ankle holds up before deciding to retire. But he isn’t optimistic:

“It all depends on the ankle. If I can get it healthy, then I’ll retire in two years. Otherwise, it’ll be this summer.”

“My left foot fracture is the result of a previous injury and relapse last December,” said Yao.  ”Due to the set back, I am being conservative about it healing. Actually, I do not dare say I am optimistic right now.”

“I am recovering from the injury step by step.Right now the situation is just as it was at the same period last year when I battled against the last injury. Frankly, I can’t be too optimistic. I just remain patient.”

Yao is a free agent soon and with the looming NBA lockout, perhaps it might be the best thing for him to happen. The more time he has to rehab his injuries, the more he is able to impress upon NBA clubs he is 100% recovered unless Houston resigns him.

But then again, which team is going to splurge on a player known for being injury prone?

(photo: daylife.com)