Ainge Threatens Changes If Celtics Continue To Lose

OK so maybe the Boston Celtics haven’t gotten out of the gates on the right foot in this shortened season but Celtics’ GM Danny Ainge is not pleased at all with the team’s performance so far.

So displeased is Danny that he has threatened to make roster changes if Boston doesn’t show marked improvement before the trading deadline.

“I’m committed to the guys as long as they’re going to perform, but they’ve got to perform,” he said. “They’ve got to show they have an opportunity to win. Otherwise, I’ve got to at least make an effort to go another direction.”

Tough talk coming from Ainge but after nine games, the Celtics are 4-5 and currently third in the Atlantic Division trailing Philadelphia and New York. But let’s face it, many in the NBA are not used to seeing Boston struggle considering they have been one of the best teams in the NBA for quite sometime. So for Ainge, these early team struggles might be something he isn’t used to.

Or better yet, perhaps Danny is simply trying to shake the team out of its funk and what better way to “motivate” the team than a not-so-subtle threat.

Moreover, let’s say Ainge is willing to wheel-and-deal, does Boston have the pieces necessary to make a splash? Not really.

No way will Boston deal Rajon Rondo (despite their attempts to snag Chris Paul) or Paul Pierce. And what team will want Kevin Garnett who clearly is on his last legs as an NBA player?  However, KG and Ray Allen are in their last contract year and this can be tempting for any team looking for more cap-relief.

Not only that, Boston does have Los Angeles Clippers first-round pick in the upcoming NBA Draft but it is lottery-protected. Again, this doesn’t bode well for Boston looking to package this pick for any team.

But what exactly is Ainge’s beef with this team?

“For three years now, we have been the worst offensive rebounding team in basketball. The second thing is, the execution of our offense, our offensive efficiency in the last five minutes of the game, I think those two things have got to be improved.”

Seems Boston has some soul-searching or Ainge (who is known to make controversial deals such as the Kendrick Perkins trade) will be working the wires come trade-deadline.