Harrington signs with Washington, claims Wizards “will make the playoffs”

Yesterday the news out of Washington centered on free-agent Al Harrington nearing a one-year deal with the Wizards. And now that the two sides have reportedly reached an agreement for the veterans minimum, the 6-foot-9 veteran is making all types of new news with the Wiz.

It did not take long, but Harrington is already throwing around the “P” word – playoffs.



"I'm excited and I feel like this team is definitely going to make the playoffs. And I don't care,” Harrington told the Washington Post

“I'll go on record saying that. I feel if this team is healthy, it will be one of the top eight teams in the East, for sure."

Keep in mind Washington finished 12th in the Eastern Conference after going 29-53 last season and has not made the postseason since 2007, and, even then, they were swept by LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round. Back then it was DeShawn Stevenson doing all of the talking for the Wizards, none of which helped and came back to haunt him (although much of that chatter was directed at James).

Now, some may find Harrington going on the record and putting the playoff card out there crazier and even more ridiculous than Miley Cyrus twerking, but let's be honest here: if a veteran is not going to make a stand and instill some motivation into this team, then who will?

Otto Porter and Bradley Beal?

Besides, after everything Harrington endured in Orlando last season it sounds like signing with Washington is the exact fresh start that he needs…again.

“The Orlando thing with, I think they brought me there never expecting me to play, but then I got healthy and it was kind of a surprise for them. It was tough, but I understood that was the business and they had to do it for whatever there reasons was. Winning wasn’t on they agenda and that wasn’t nothing I wanted to be a part of at my age.”

Starting today for Harrington, winning is on the agenda and remains fixed at the top of his list.

Hopefully the rest of the Wiz will fall in line with Al Harrington’s step or it could be another loooong season in Washington.