Iguodola done in Philadelphia?

Andre Iguodala (via Daylife.com)Their season hasn’t even ended yet, but already there’s speculation that Philadelphia 76ers swingman Andre Iguadola could be out of the City of Brotherly Love this summer.  According to Alex Kennedy with Hoopsworld, The Los Angeles Lakers, who have already targeted Iggy once may try to trade for him once more this summer.

Andre Iguodala was nearly traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Los Angeles Lakers last June. In the hours leading up to the 2011 NBA Draft, the two teams were discussing a potential deal that would’ve sent Iguodala to Los Angeles in exchange for several pieces including Lamar Odom and a draft pick.The Lakers were ready to pull the trigger on the deal and the Sixers strongly considered it. However, Philadelphia ultimately turned down the trade because they believed that Odom would be unhappy and unmotivated after being dealt from Los Angeles.

First off, good call on not pulling that trigger, Philly.  Iguadola had his best all-around season of his career, has been the team’s emotional leader and seriously might lead an eight seed to the freaking Eastern Conference Finals.  Meanwhile Lamar Odom had the worst kind of a Lamar Odom season, the kind that barely happened.  Now if we’re talking this summer and beyond I will say that Iggy would be a great fit next to Kobe on both offense and defense and would even be a bandage over that seeping wound that is their point guard play because of how well he handles the ball.  It’s good enough that Kobe and Iggy could ball handle, which means the Lakers could just go find a point guard that can D up and hit some open shots.  Basically, it’d allow Mike Brown to use the best parts of his all-LeBron offense in Cleveland and might remind Laker fans of the triangle offense. Maybe. 

Here’s the burning question: Is Andre Iguadola (and some other stuff) worth giving up Pau Gasol for?  Here’s what a Gasol-Iggy trade would resemble. Pau for Iggy and Nikola Vucevic.  I think Philly would do that because it would give them some size they really need and it would clear up the logjam they have at the 2/3 even if they’re giving up their best player in the process.  How much would that help L.A. since they’ll be down a starting power forward, especially since there isn’t a snow ball’s chance in Hell Vucevic and Bynum could be on the court at the same time.  And no, Metta World Ron is not the answer at power forward, Laker fans.

I understand the bind the Sixers are in now, but I wouldn’t trade my best player unless someone blew me away with an offer.  Iguadola brings so much tothe table with the exception of a consistent jump shot it’d be hard to justify to your fans and your coach why you traded him.  Then again, is Andre Iguadola ever going to be the best player on a title contender? Probably not.