New NBA T-shirts give your favorite player more Twitter followers

As the world of social media continues to grow, the more businesses are beginning to embrace it and the NBA is no exception.

Twitter has put its place as the forefront of bridging fans and NBA players closer than ever. Fans can get a glimpse into the lives with NBA players, interact with them, and allow players get the pulse of fans.

And now the NBA is capitalizing on this.

The NBA has unveiled a new line of T-shirts (available at with the players’ Twitter handles.

The T-shirts feature the handles of some of the league’s most active players on Twitter, including Kevin Durant, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. The NBA has more than 4.5 million Twitter followers, and more than 350 players are active on the social media site.

Other players include Blake Griffin and Jeremy Lin.

I am sure this line of T-shirts will expand to other teams and their players but it is such a shame that now the NBA does this.

How awesome (or horrible move) if the NBA had made a T-shirt with Gilbert Arenas’ Twitter handle (when he was tweeting) for all to see his thoughts on women.

But if I can humbly suggest the NBA make a T-shirt for Spurs’ DeJuan Blair and Hornets’ Chris Kaman. No seriously. Blair is one emotional dude and tweets some of the most peculiar messages. As for Kaman, what NBA fan doesn’t want to see what animal he killed while hunting?

What do you think Crossover fans? Will you shell out $29.99?