Video: Barkely wins first championship, in rec league that is

Charles Barkley did a lot during his professional basketball career. He was an all-star numerous times, a part of great Suns teams, was enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame, was a member of the 1992 Olympic “Dream Team” and much more.

However, one thing alluded him throughout his NBA career – an NBA championship.

And although he is considered one of the best ever forwards in NBA history, this lack of a championship ring sits on his resume like a blemish.

But thanks to the good folks at CDW, Barkley can now call himself a champion.

CDW has launched a commercial starring “Sir Charles” where he plays and IT guy-basketball ringer for the company which has never won a rec-league championship. See where this is going?

Check out Charles applying for the “it” position (h/t and dishing out the comedy.