Video: Hornets’ Davis does what many want to do to ESPN’s Bayless

Few love him, many hate him and some tolerate him but make no mistake about it, ESPN's Skip Bayless and his show "First Take" is watched by many mainly to see and hear what outlandish thing he and his co-host, Stephen A. Smith aka "Screaming" A. Smith, have to say on the world of sports and especially the NBA.

For Bayless, he exudes cockiness, and a smug look many want to wipe off his face. And it is for those who squirm every time they hear his voice that the following video is for you.

While at the NBA Rookie photo shoot, Hornets' Anthony Davis decided to slam one down on a cardboard cut-out of Bayless and more importantly, give it a nice kick as well. Check it out.

Granted it was in good fun, but let;s be honest Crossover fans, how much would you like to jam one down on Bayless' face as well? Or better yet, what would you do to a cardboard cut out of Bayless?