Wade rallying behind LeBron to win ring

Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, LeBron James, Dwyane WadeYou know who gets a pass on everything except this? Dwyane Wade.

Anytime something goes wrong for the Heat, it gets put on LeBron.

Wade commits bad turnovers from time to time and can also be late getting back on defense because he is busy screaming at a referee or staring him down because he thought he was fouled (he’s now only second to Carlos Boozer in yelling for a foul EVERYTIME he drives to the lane).

Does he not get blamed because he has won a ring before? Is it because he has hit some game winners? Is it because he didn’t break up with his hometown team on national television?

It’s probably a combination of all of those things, but if this tweet from Ethan Skolnick is any indication, Wade understands the weight of the world is on LeBron James’ shoulders to get his first NBA title.

“Favorite quote from interviews this week w both…. Wade on LeBron: “Sometimes I think I want it for him more than I want it for myself.”

We have all know for some time that off the court Wade and LeBron are very close. Between that comment and several of the comments that head coach Erik Spoelstra has made about LeBron making the right plays down the stretch, this team obviously has LeBron’s back.

It’s encouraging to read. 

Sometimes I think we overanalyze things.That comment is not about egos or being a part of a team, it is about supporting your friend.That gets lost in everything else about whether LeBron and Wade can co-exist and who takes the final shot and whatever else.

That’s why you did not read an Adrian Wojnarowski story about LeBron and Wade blaming each other for the loss in the Finals last season. It is as simple as friendship.  Maybe that keeps up throughout them teaming together, maybe it doesn’t but for right now it is nice to see that these guys are sticking by each other’s side with no regrets.

I am fine with Wade getting a pass on some near misses or big losses the Heat have suffered because at the end of the day he doesn’t shy away from the criticism and more importantly he has his friend’s back.