Warriors’ Curry seeking second opinion for gimpy ankle

Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry has been hobbled with constant ankle injuries throughout his pro career. It’s almost as if a season cannot go by without hearing news of Curry being beset with some sort of ankle issues. The same can be said for this season.

This season, the second year pro has played 26 games for the Warriors this season and Golden State could use his 14.7 points and 5.3 assists he has been averaging this season.

Curry is looking to hopefully be rid of his constant ankle issues, and saw a specialist who also helped Celtics’ Ray Allen when he was dealing with ankle injuries early in his NBA career.

Warriors point guard Stephen Curry flew to Los Angeles on Thursday to meet with foot and ankle specialist Dr. Richard Ferkel, who was instrumental in All-Star Ray Allen’s recovery from ankle surgery.

In conjunction with Dr. Bob Anderson, who performed Curry’s surgery in May, and Ferkel, the Warriors plan to update Curry’s rehabilitation plan, according to general manager Larry Riley.

“He would love to play. In fact, that’s been one of the problems,” Riley said before Saturday’s game against Sacramento. “He’s wanted to be out there probably before he should have at times. He wants to play, but he also has gained an awful lot of wisdom.”

There is no doubt Curry is frustrated with his ankle injuries but the young man has to realize taking care of the issue now, will only help prolong his NBA career. And Curry doesn’t have to look far for an example of trying to come back too soon. All he has to do is look at what happened to Brandon Roy who retired due to knee injuries after trying to come back to the court prematurely.

The good news is Curry is still young and should be able to bounce back soon. However, with the Warriors clearly out of the playoff picture in the West (currently 13th in the Western Conference), perhaps it’s best he and the Warriors think about sitting out the rest of the season to play it safe with his gimpy ankle.