And now, 5 minutes of A.I. crossovers

Allen Iverson's NBA career is over. He officially retired less than a month ago, having not found an NBA job in a few years, and so we have begun waxing poetically and preparing for his inevitable Hall of Fame induction five years from now (book your tickets to Springfield now).

With that in mind, why not watch five minutes of Allen Iverson crossing up the NBA:


Damn, who knew seeing the same move over and over again would be so entertaining. No guard was as quick as Iverson in the late 90s and 2000s and his crossover was astoundingly devastating.

Really, Iverson came to represent an entire generation of the NBA. A somewhat dark post-Michael Jordan era. Iverson was a bright spot individually even if he could never carry his team to a title and he eventually drifted away from the NBA.

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