Bobcats no more, Hornets identity unveiled

In a move that was really a long time coming, the Charlotte Bobcats can always point to Dec. 21, 2013 as the day the team really became the Charlotte Hornets once again.

At halftime of the team's game against the Jazz, Michael Jordan stepped to center court and unveiled the new logo and identity for this second Charlotte franchise. The Hornets are back with an updated logo, but the same colors that made the original Hornets so popular in the mid-1990s.


Yes, indeed the Hornets are back and so is Hugo (what happens to Rufus?!). Hugo is featured prominently in a secondary logo that includes his wearing some throwback Jordan shoes.

This is a logo that depicts the kind of team the Hornets want to be, Bobcats Sports & Entertainment President & COO Fred Whitfield said.

The logos are the foundation of an organization’s brand identity, and our goal was to design logos that would have awareness, be relevant and resonate with our fans. We developed a logo that physically depicted the characteristics and DNA of the type of team we want on the court, as well as those of hornets and the city of Charlotte.

No arguments there. Then again, it is just a logo.

I actually really like the Hornets new logo, at least the primary one. It is much more aggressive and mean while still standing as a solid representation of the team. It reminds me a lot of the very awesome Charlotte Sting logo the WNBA team used before the original Hornets moved to New Orleans.

The secondary logo that has a Hornet looking sideways ready to strike is especially appealing. The set also includes something akin to the fleur-de-bee logo the New Orleans Hornets used and a gentler logo featuring Hugo the Hornet for the kids.

Overall, this is a great set and definitely has the Bobcats/Hornets fan base pumped for the return of this beloved name. For whatever reason, the color scheme and the team name Bobcats never really connected with the people of Charlotte.

Then again, one playoff appearance in 10 years is not going to inspire much enthusiasm either.

What are your thoughts on the new logo?

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