Brooklyn, New York must get along for one weekend, after that…

Tha Cover 2New York will be hosting the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend. Which arena hosts teh game is still a question, but events will spread throughout the city using both Madison Square Garden and Barclays Center for the All-Star Weekend festivities. It will be the first time the City that Never Sleeps has hosted the NBA All-Star Weekend since 1998, Kobe Bryant's second All-Star Game.

The Nets and Knicks have agreed on sharing the hosting duties and trying to create a basketball festival atmosphere in New York City for that weekend in February. That is about all the two organizations can agree on.

Ever since the Nets announced they were movign to Brooklyn, it seems they have been more concerned with needling and unseating the Knicks in New York City than winning a championship. To do that, they had to spend money like crazy and make the team a whole lot better. The two teams split that series last season in four very spirited, competitive and emotional games.

That rivalry might have been kicked up a notch with the Nets acquiring Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Both those players are keen to hold a grudge and will fit right into this blood feud for the City of New York. And Pierce has already joined in the fun.

Oh, yes, it is on. When the Knicks and Nets meet Dec. 5 and April 15 in Brooklyn and Jan. 20 and April 2 in Madison Square Garden, it will be a battle. And Pierce has been a Knick killer his entire career — 23.4 points per game, 45.7 percent shooting.

At this point, it might just be preseason hype but Pierce really wants to be part of the group that establishes things in Brooklyn. And his hatred for the Knicks certainly feeds that. He told the Michael Kay Show in New York about that hatred and his goals for the Nets this season.

Now is the time for talk. The time to play is coming very soon.

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