CC video of the day: ‘Dirk Dynasty’

I have personally never heard of the TV show "Duck Dynasty" but apparently it is quite popular and has a huge following. So leave it to the Mavericks to jump on the bandwagon and create a spoof on the title of the TV to create the "Dirk Dynasty."

In the video, you can see Dirk Nowitzki's mug plastered on cast members including owner Mark Cuban's face making a cameo. 

From "Dirk" taking a samurai sword to a watermelon, tubing, driving a forklift to other shenanigans, it looks like a TV hit could be in the making.

But then again, I am sure fans would rather see Dirk back to his old form on the court so the team can go back to their glory days when Dirk and the Mavs were challenging for a title and on the cusp of becoming an NBA dynasty. Check it out (h/t Cosby