CC video of the day: Doc vs. Simmons

Things got a bit testy between new Clippers coach Doc Rivers and ESPN's Bill Simmons last night at the 2013 NBA Draft.

During an interview with ESPN, Rivers was asked to comment on Simmons accusing him of quitting on the Celtics and bolting to the Clippers. Doc quipped that he is too classy to call Simmons an "idiot" and says Bill doesn't know the whole story.

Let the fireworks begin!

Simmons, looking like he is completely right and Rivers is completely wrong, starts throwing points out on how Doc changes his mind, and hasn't stuck to a story. Kind of surprising this came from Simmons since he is all about Boston.

And, oh things got even juicier after that.

Rivers' son Jeremiah went to Twitter to attack Simmons as an "Internet bully."

Who knew the Draft would create this much intrigue?