CC video of the day: Is Batum secretly ‘Batman’?

In the shadows of the night, keeping a watchful eye over the city, protecting the innocent and striking fear in the hearts of criminals he stands ready.

Now if you are thinking this reminds you of a superhero you are right and Blazers' Nicolas Batum may be that hero.

Batum has been given the nickname "Batman" seeing how his name sounds like the iconic hero but perhaps he really is "The Dark Knight" patrolling the street of Portland.

In the video below, Batum is seen carrying on in Portland, looking like "Bruce Wayne" complete with flashy car, when someone accidently knocks coffee on his white shirt. Needing a change of shirt after shrinking it in the dryer, Batum is given a case where his other uniform is given to him and no, I am not talking about his Blazers jersey.